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Pause, Breathe, and Reduce Stress!

Silence the Chaos of Work: A Mindful Bell to Anchor Your Day.

This indispensable app for macOS offers more than just reminders—it serves as your gateway to enhanced focus, stress relief, and a deeper connection with the present moment.

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Experience the transformative benefits of mindfulness seamlessly integrated into your daily life.

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Throughout our day we have an ever increasing list of things that adds stress to our lives. Our boss places an unreasonable demand upon us. Too many video calls and meetings scheduled for us, leaving us without enough time to focus and get any real work done. The list goes on...

There are many benefits to having a regular mindfulness practice. Some of them include:

With Mindfulness Bell Menu Bar you experience all the benefits of mindfulness in a simple and unobtrusive way by gently reminding you to return to the present moment periodically throughout your day.

The app is great, thank you for your work!
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What a great idea!
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